The Bay House Tauranga Bay

By Alison on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 in Lodge Life. No Comments

  Tauranga Bay is an amazing coastal location and we are lucky enough to have The Bay House there too. So the perfect day -the first day of Spring like weather in 2015 mixed with a super high tide and a lovely lunch followed by a visit to the seals – who could ask for […]


Elope to the West Coast for a romantic wedding ceremony

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 Romantic and Private West Coast Wedding Retreat If the thought of organizing a big family wedding is just too much for you then why not Elope to the West Coast of the South Island? The quintessential West Coast intimate wedding venue awaits you at Ferry Mans Cottage   A romantic and secluded hideaway at Ferry […]


The Nile Valley Charleston and Norwest Adventures

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Just off SHW6, the Nile Valley in Charleston is a well kept secret. Plus, it provides an alternative access point to the Paparoa National Park. As well as being a natural spectacle, it is also home to Norwest Adventures Ltd. The company was started up by some enthusiastic locals who were interested in caves and […]

johnnys journey-700

Johhny’s Journey – Epic day out from Birds Ferry Lodge

By Alison on Monday, January 19th, 2015 in Weekend Getaways, West Coast Ways. No Comments

        The Awakari Valley, Charleston Yesterday 18th January 2015 Andre and Alison had an epic trip with Outwest Tours  up the nearby Awakari Valley, Charleston There we were introduced to local legend John Albert Currie aka Johhny. Johnny and his son Curtis are the only residents apart that is from a large […]

seal on rock wet-508

Five of the Best – in and around Westport

By Alison on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 in West Coast Ways. No Comments

Learn how to set off a shot blast in an underground mine! The Denniston Experience . A short train ride through the Waimangaroa Gorge into one of the oldest underground mines at Denniston. Hew coal,clip a coal tub and and let of a shot blast! Audio visuals and holograms bring the whole era to life. […]


Karamea – A great Day out from Birds Ferry Lodge

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When guests are staying with us for 2-3 nights we often suggest a day trip to Karamea which is beside Kajurango National Park. A 1.5 hour scenic drive North along the coastline on a very quiet road with lots of places of interest to stop along the way. Karamea is the end of the Coast […]


Wild Venison and Wild West Coast Whitebait

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We source our wild venison from “Wild Gourmet” – the deer are roaming wild in the Marlborough region of the South Island and are dispatched by professional licensed hunters. All of the animals are wild, living the life nature intended for them. No need for cramped and stressful transport which reduces the quality of the […]


Dinner Menu for a beautiful Spring evening on the West Coast and our lovely Dutch guests

By Alison on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 in Lodge Life. No Comments

Wednesday 26th November 2014 Dinner Menu Roast Kumera and Feta Salad Portuguese Peri Peri Chicken Home grown New Potatoes Chocolate Fondant or New Zealand Artisan Cheese Selection Served with homemade Quince Jelly & Home baked Crackers Barry’s Bay Vintage Maasdam Walnut Gouda Six Years Old Talbot Forest Vintage Cheddar Whitestone Windsor Blue


West Coast NZ Things to Do – in and around the water

By Alison on Monday, November 24th, 2014 in West Coast Ways. No Comments

Water Activities – West Coast NZ Things to do   On the off chance that you delight in wet and wild water endeavors, the West Coast is without a doubt the spot for you to be. From ocean to mountain, eco-visits to trout angling and horse trekking, it is all here to be enjoyed! Kayaking […]

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